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Anabaptist Solutions

amidst confusion, collapse, and consternation
Welcome -- I'm glad you're here!

We are living in trying, troubling times. The last days, I believe. But peace and strength and victory are all possible. As are moral and spiritual safety. May I point you to help, to solutions?

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Anabaptist Solutions: Computer Wallpaper

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Anabaptist Solutions is (hopefully) an expanding repository of mine-but-you-may-use-them images you can use as wallpaper on your computer desktop.

I also have my computers configured to use these images as a screensaver slideshow.

Feel free to download and use them.

But please do not modify them or distribute them as your own or sell them. You're on your honor. Thanks!

I'll to remember to add a new one sometime each week.

Here's the first one:

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